Online Leak Sealing

Leak Sealing is a method of providing safe, controlled onsite and online leak repairs for any leaking process. Leak sealing service employs a custom-designed leak clamp to contain the leak section and injection of a suitable sealant into the clamp to stop the leak. Leak sealing is especially useful in stopping leaks in high temperature and pressure applications. Online leak sealing Services, Inc., provides nondestructive, on site, on stream leak repair services for process, steam, water, or air leaks. These repair services are made at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1700oF, and pressures from vacuum to 6000 psig. Our goal is to extend the life of your plant components. ‘Repair rather than replace’ enables you to avoid the unnecessary re-manufacturing and replacement of equipment While most leak sealing repair methods will not be able to withstand high pressures and temperatures and so may require a shutdown in a system, Online leak sealing method has the technological capability to perform leak sealing services ranging from -180 to 700 degrees centigrade at 240 Bar on line. In addition, we are hundred percent sure that we can do online Leak sealing.Through mentioned method for offshore application, like subsea oil or gas pipeline leakage. We stand on our knowledge and experience based on gears of progressive co-operation with world leader companies in this field.